Do I have to be an experienced rower?

New Zealand Rowing ToursMost of our tour participants are already rowers. We can accommodate the occasional non-rowing partner if they wish to cox the boat for the whole trip, and depending on weather, water and time available we can usually give them some time in a rowing seat also to teach them the basics.

BUT the rows are usually in the region of 20 km per day, which is a very long way for a non-rower. You need to have hands conditioned for rowing and some reasonable fitness to make it pleasurable!

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There are more than a few good reasons why New Zealand’s South Island consistently gets a high ranking in world tourism. While many come to explore our outstanding wilderness walks and landscapes, we take you places that go under the radar – through some of the world’s most extraordinary beauty.

The best of local – it’s our aim to showcase the regional ‘best’ in terms of accommodation, food, wine and local people. We’re a kiwi business, run by kiwis, so know the best environments and have the ability to offer some great alternatives if weather unsuitable for rowing.

We also like to let our rowers do the talking. Read more about what they have to say here.

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