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Yes we are seriously looking at new locations, including Akaroa Harbour and Banks Peninsula: Lake Taupo and the Whanganui River.

We provide all boats, oars, life vests, safety gear – all you need to bring is your personal rowing gear for on the water but should also include drink bottle, small dry bag for your personal snacks, camera (for pics on the way), extra warm top (just in case)

We will also provide you with a checklist prior to the tour.

Payment is to be made by internet banking direct to Rowing Tours NZ bank account.

The account information will be emailed to you with an invoice for the 25% deposit on confirmation of your booking, and then a further invoice for the balance 30 days before the date of the tour.

Refer to our ‘Cancellation & Payment Policy’ for full details or email Trisha for any payment enquiries.

All tours prices quoted are inclusive of GST (if applicable)

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We scull – so each rower has two oars, but some of our rowers also skull at the end of the day.

New Zealand Rowing ToursMost of our tour participants are already rowers. We can accommodate the occasional non-rowing partner if they wish to cox the boat for the whole trip, and depending on weather, water and time available we can usually give them some time in a rowing seat also to teach them the basics.

BUT the rows are usually in the region of 20 km per day, which is a very long way for a non-rower. You need to have hands conditioned for rowing and some reasonable fitness to make it pleasurable!

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New Zealand, and more especially NZ’s South Island has been a red-hot world tourism destination for a few decades now, and remains on many global traveller wish-lists.

New Zealand is known for rugged natural beauty, scenic drives and outstanding wilderness walks. Within that same setting,  NZ Rowing Tours has targeted some of the real scenic and under the radar highlights.

Each Region has it’s own specialities in terms of food, wine and local people. We are a kiwi owned and operated business, with local knowledge and expertise to deal with any requirement or weather or conditions.

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