Southern Lakes 2023 – Rowing on a different lake each day was fabulous

I thoroughly loved the rowing tour I did with you. Rowing on a different lake each day was fabulous; Enabling us to row in different landscapes and conditions and lengths. 

Your organization and attention to detail was superb and the care you took of us was very appreciated. 

I loved that we saw different areas of NZ and also met some interesting and lovely locals. 

I also thought that the group was a good size. It enabled us to meet new people but not be too large a group to make the travelling cumbersome. 

Good accommodation and food too! 

Finally, I loved that we met you and Kevin and Trevor and members of your family. You both love what you do and this enthusiasm and warmth comes through in everything you do. 


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New Zealand, and more especially NZ’s South Island has been a red-hot world tourism destination for a few decades now, and remains on many global traveller wish-lists.

New Zealand is known for rugged natural beauty, scenic drives and outstanding wilderness walks. Within that same setting,  NZ Rowing Tours has targeted some of the real scenic and under the radar highlights.

Each Region has it’s own specialities in terms of food, wine and local people. We are a kiwi owned and operated business, with local knowledge and expertise to deal with any requirement or weather or conditions.

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